The Benefits of Boiler Preventative Maintenance

The Benefits of Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Why a Preventative Maintenance Schedule is Essential for Your Commercial Boiler

As a commercial boiler service and equipment provider, we understand the importance of keeping your facility’s heating system running efficiently and reliably. That’s why we cannot overemphasize the necessity of a regular preventative maintenance schedule for your commercial boiler.

Regular boiler maintenance reduces the likelihood of major breakdowns, prolongs the life of your equipment, and saves you unnecessary costs. Here are some reasons why a preventative maintenance schedule is essential for your commercial boiler.

1. Boosts Efficiency and Performance

Regularly servicing your commercial boiler ensures that it runs at optimal efficiency and performance. During maintenance, our technicians will check all components, clean parts, lubricate moving parts, and ensure they are functioning correctly. Therefore, the system works without undue stress to all parts, leading to better heating output and heat transfer, and reduced downtime.

2. Saves on Energy Bills

An efficiently running boiler saves on energy bills. A poorly maintained boiler consumes more fuel and energy to operate, which translates to higher utility costs. An annual maintenance schedule can reduce energy wastage by up to 40% and save you money on your heating bills over time.

3. Minimizes Repairs and Downtime

A commercial boiler breakdown unexpectedly halts your heating and operations, which can be detrimental to any business that relies on a productive work environment. Neglecting boiler maintenance increases the chance of repair and emergency service calls, leading to costly equipment repairs and downtime. However, a preventative maintenance schedule can identify problems early and mitigate them promptly before they become a significant issue.

4. Ensures Safety and Compliance

Regular boiler maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety of your facility, employees, and customers. Faulty boilers can lead to carbon monoxide leaks or other hazardous situations. By scheduling regular inspections, our technicians can identify any potential safety issues and rectify them promptly. Additionally, adhering to maintenance schedules helps you comply with industry regulations and requirements, maintaining a safe and compliant working environment.


In conclusion, a regular preventative maintenance schedule is proactive care that saves you time, money, and, most importantly, assures that your commercial boiler operates optimally all year long. Contact us to schedule regular maintenance or have your commercial boiler inspected today. It’s time to keep your facility’s heating system running safely and efficiently.


Let your Icon Boiler representative know if your facility or organization needs assistance in establishing, maintaining, or reviewing your Preventative Maintenance Program. 

Icon Boiler Case Study: Prisma Baptist

Icon Boiler Case Study: Prisma Baptist

Prisma Baptist

DP Pumps Simplifies Operations for Leading South Carolina Hospital


Icon Boiler is the premier boiler equipment and service solutions provider in the Southeast. At Icon Boiler we sell, service, repair, and maintain boiler equipment for mission-critical customers throughout the Southeastern United States. Our customers know us to stand for responsive, reliable, efficient, and safety focused service and expertise.


Prisma Health is a not-for-profit health company and the largest healthcare system in South Carolina. The goal is to improve the health of all South Carolinians by enhancing clinical quality, the patient experience and access to affordable care, as well as conducting clinical research and training the next generation of medical professionals.


Our client was facing recurring costly repairs and maintenance issues with their Durco horizontal end suction boiler feed-water pumps. With eight pumps constituting their feed-water system, maintaining their operations had become a constant challenge. Additionally, the design of these pumps necessitated an expensive laser level alignment to ensure the special coupling fell within the required tolerance range.


Drawing on our extensive experience with the client, our team of sales engineers recognized the customer’s pain points. To address the issues, we collaborated with our partner, GPM Pumps, to design and size a set of DP boiler feed-water pumps and variable frequency drives, aimed at replacing the costly and inefficient Durco pumps.

The design of these DP pumps, which were inline, multi-stage, centrifugal, and vertical, offered numerous advantages to the customer. It included a compact footprint, efficient operation, and simplified maintenance procedures. It is important to note that the installation of these pumps could be completed within minutes, eliminating the need for a specialist laser alignment. Furthermore, these DP pumps were designed with similar flange to flange measurements as the leading competitor, Grundfos, often obviating the need for elaborate piping modifications.

With a comprehensive plan of action in place, our Icon Boiler service team flawlessly executed the project. Within a brief one-week period, they successfully repiped the first deaerator, installed the pumps and drives, and commenced the commissioning process. Shortly after bringing the first deaerator online, they swiftly completed the second deaerator installation.

As a result of our team’s efforts, the customer now enjoys the assurance that these pumps efficiently respond to fluctuations in feed-water demand, consistently operate at their optimal duty points, and, in the event of high temperature seal failure in a few years, readily available replacement parts can be obtained within 1-2 weeks. Moreover, the ease with which the pumps can be rebuilt by any of the customer’s operators provides them with an added level of confidence.


By addressing the costly repairs, maintenance issues, and design constraints of the existing Durco pumps, our solution has significantly improved the operational efficiency and reliability of the feed-water system for our client. The team’s successful implementation of the DP pumps and variable frequency drives has freed up valuable space, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced maintenance complexity, and eliminated the need for costly laser alignment. With these improvements, our client can now focus on their core mission of providing exceptional healthcare services while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and cost-effective feed-water system.


Contact the experts at Icon Boiler to determine if a pump replacement is the right choice for your boiler system.

Prolong the Life of Your Boiler: Icon Boiler’s Comprehensive Mechanical Support and Repair Services

Prolong the Life of Your Boiler: Icon Boiler’s Comprehensive Mechanical Support and Repair Services

Prolong the Life of Your Boiler: Icon Boiler’s Comprehensive Mechanical Support and Repair Services

With our R-Stamp certification, we guarantee our expertise in delivering exceptional boiler repairs that keep your equipment functioning at its best. Our licensing for boiler code repairs ensures safe operation and extends the lifespan of your boiler.

Distinguishing Routine Maintenance from Boiler Code Repair

Regular maintenance involves replacing sacrificial elements that break down over time, protecting the pressure-retaining parts. This helps to maintain efficiency and prevent further damage. Boiler code repairs, on the other hand, focus on identifying and addressing defects in the pressure-retaining components themselves.

At Icon Boiler, we are qualified to handle both routine maintenance and code repairs for your boiler, ensuring comprehensive care.

Expanded Services for Maximum Performance

In addition to repairs and maintenance, Icon Boiler offers a range of expanded services aimed at optimizing your boiler’s performance rather than needing to replace the entire system.

  • Boiler retubing: Replacing worn-out or damaged tubes for restored peak performance.
  • Replacing feed-water inlet couplings: Ensuring a reliable water supply and mitigating code issues.
  • Nozzle repairs: Contributing to efficiency and safe boiler operation.
  • Retacking of baffle shelves: Optimizing heat transfer and maintaining boiler efficiency.

Understanding the Common Causes of Code Defects

Boiler problems can arise due to various reasons, so it is crucial to identify the root cause in order to properly fix and maintain them. Below are some common boiler issues that can lead to code defects: 

  • Poor water chemistry: Can lead to oxygen pitting and compromise the boiler’s integrity and performance.
  • Thermal shock: Occurs when hot metal comes into contact with cool feedwater.
  • Accumulation of scale or soot: Lowers heat transfer efficiency and can result in code defects.

Trust Icon Boiler for Unmatched Boiler Repair and Service

When it comes to boiler repair and service, Icon Boiler stands out as a trusted industry leader. With our expertise in boiler repairs, along with the necessary certifications and licenses, we are committed to providing high-quality and reliable service. By choosing Icon Boiler, you can have confidence that your boiler is in capable hands.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the difference with Icon Boiler. Together, we’ll ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety for your boiler.

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The Importance of Maintaining Daily Boiler Logs

The Importance of Maintaining Daily Boiler Logs

The Importance of Maintaining Daily Boiler Logs

Why Maintain a Boiler Log?

Boiler operators play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of boilers in various industries. It is their responsibility to maintain and operate the boiler systems to ensure they function as expected and meet compliance standards.

One of the critical tasks that boiler operators need to perform daily is maintaining the boiler logs. A boiler log is a record of a day’s operating conditions, which typically includes information on fuel and water consumption, steam pressure, temperature, and other critical system parameters. Keeping accurate and up-to-date logs is essential for the smooth and safe operation of the boiler.

1. Compliance Requirements

Boiler operators need to comply with regulatory compliance standards to ensure safety and meet environmental regulations. Boiler logs are a critical document for demonstrating compliance with these regulations. Authorities will refer to the log to verify that the boiler is operating in conformance with the regulations. Failure to produce an accurate daily log can lead to significant penalties and legal implications.

2. Boiler Efficiency

Maintaining daily boiler logs is a crucial element of ensuring the optimal performance and efficiency of the system. By carefully monitoring fuel, water, and steam consumption, operators can identify patterns that suggest whether the boiler is working efficiently or experiencing inefficiencies that need to be corrected. With this information, operators can make the necessary adjustments to improve the effectiveness of the boiler and reduce operational costs.

3. Predictive Maintenance

Maintaining proper boiler logs can help operators predict when the system is likely to fail or experience problems. Daily logs form the basis of a predictive maintenance program, helping operators identify trends that suggest the need for repairs or maintenance before a major problem arises. This approach helps to prevent costly downtime and repairs by correcting minor issues before they turn into significant problems.

4. Safety

The most crucial factor when it comes to boiler systems is safety. Boiler logs play an essential role in ensuring that boilers operate safely. They help operators understand critical information about the operation of the system. For example, by monitoring steam pressure and temperature, operators can identify potential safety hazards and take corrective actions to prevent accidents or explosions.

Maintaining proper boiler logs also helps the operators understand the condition of the individual safety components that make up the boiler system. The logs help to ensure compliance with regulations, optimize the performance of the system, and prevent major problems. Boiler operators must take the task of maintaining daily logs seriously and ensure that they are accurate, up-to-date, and complete.


To conclude, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of diligently maintaining daily boiler logs. Neglecting this task can have serious repercussions on the reliability and safety of boiler systems. Boiler operators should prioritize investing sufficient time and effort into keeping thorough and up-to-date logs to guarantee optimal performance and safety.


Let your Icon Boiler representative know if your facility or organization needs assistance in establishing, maintaining, or reviewing your Boiler Log Program. 

Pumps in a Boiler System

Pumps in a Boiler System

Your boiler makes steam. That steam is under pressure. That’s just how boilers operate. But as that steam is created, it lowers the amount of water in the boiler. That means feedwater has to be added. Otherwise, two things will happen. First, you’ll eventually run out of steam, literally. The second thing that will happen without feedwater is a low water level. You don’t want that, because it creates heat stress on the tank and promotes scaling and corrosion.

But we’ve already established that a boiler is under pressure. If you just open a water valve, that water isn’t just going to pour into the boiler as the boiler feed water is typically in an atmospheric feed tank or a DA that has 5-10 psi on it. The steam pressure will more than likely push the water back up the way it came, introducing steam into parts of the boiler system that aren’t designed to handle it. That means water has to be added under pressure, and that’s why boiler systems have pumps.

Pump It Up

Pumps are responsible for introducing feedwater into the boiler under sufficient pressure that the steam can’t escape, so the boiler doesn’t lose the pressure that keeps it operating. The size and capacity of the pump on a boiler system depends on the operating pressure of the boiler, and the amount of feedwater that needs to be delivered over time. Obviously, larger boilers will have bigger pumps, and some even have multiple pumps to get the job done.

Amp It Up

Boiler pumps are electrically operated. However, the amount of current that a pump will draw doesn’t necessarily correlate to the pressure it puts out. Pumps that deliver water under higher pressure will do so at a lower volume. That’s because pressure and volume are always inversely related; raising one lowers the other, and vice versa. Another way to think about it is in terms of a garden hose. If you put your finger over the end of the hose, you can make the water come out at a higher pressure the tighter you squeeze your finger over it. But the greater the pressure, the less water actually comes out every second.

Pump Up Your Trivia

As an interesting aside, the largest steam-powered water pump in the world, which is powered by the world’s largest steam engine (with a piston diameter of more than 12 feet), is located in the Netherlands. Found in the Dutch village of Cruquius, the pump was constructed in 1850 to help drain the 45,000-acre Haarlem’s Lake to reclaim land for farming. The pump house was eventually converted into a museum, the Museum de Cruquius, and is still open today with the massive steam powered pump as its main attraction. If you’re a real steamhead, it’s definitely on your bucket (valve) list.

Authorized Use Provided by our Partners at Ware

If you need a pump, Icon Boiler carries a full range of pumps for every boiler size. Icon Boiler also has highly experienced technicians to install, inspect, maintain, and repair your boiler. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.


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Icon Boiler Achieves R-Stamp Certification

Icon Boiler Achieves R-Stamp Certification

Icon Boiler Achieves R-Stamp Certification

We are delighted to announce that Icon Boiler, a renowned name in the boiler industry, has successfully obtained their R-Stamp certification. This achievement further solidifies Icon Boiler’s commitment to excellence in the field of boiler manufacturing and repair.

What is the R-Stamp Certification?

The R-Stamp certification is an internationally recognized quality mark by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. It demonstrates a company’s compliance with the industry’s most stringent standards for the repair and alteration of boilers and other pressure vessels.

Icon Boiler’s Commitment to Quality

Icon Boiler has always strived to deliver top-notch products and services to its clients. This achievement of R-Stamp certification is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and safety. With this certification, Icon Boiler is equipped to provide full service solutions including exceptional code repairs and alterations to boilers, ensuring they meet the highest standards and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Some of these common code repairs include: 

  • Boiler Retubing
  • Feed-water inlet coupling replacements
  • Nozzle repairs
  • Retacking a baffle shelf

Benefits for Clients

Obtaining the R-Stamp certification has several advantages for clients seeking boiler repair and alteration services. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Quality Assurance: Clients can be confident that Icon Boiler’s repairs and alterations are performed according to the highest industry standards, ensuring the longevity and reliability of their boilers.
  • Compliance: With R-Stamp certification, clients can rest assured that their boilers are in full compliance with relevant regulatory codes and standards.
  • Expertise: Icon Boiler’s team of certified professionals possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle even the most complex boiler repair and alteration projects, providing clients with a reliable and skilled resource.

Icon Boiler – A Trusted Partner

“Obtaining the R-Stamp certification is a significant accomplishment for our company,” said Myron Burnett, General Manager of Icon Boiler. “It demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and reliable solutions to our clients. This certification exemplifies our dedication to adhering to industry best practices and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

Icon Boiler is renowned for its comprehensive range of industrial boiler products and services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. With the R-Stamp certification, the company can now expand its services and address the needs of a wider range of clients, including those with specialized boiler repair and alteration requirements.
As an R-Stamp certified provider, Icon Boiler can undertake a variety of projects, from simple repairs to complex alterations, with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Clients can trust in Icon Boiler’s technical proficiency and industry knowledge to deliver superior results that comply with all applicable codes and regulations.


Whether you require a minor repair or a complete overhaul, Icon Boiler has the expertise and capability to meet your needs. Contact the team at Icon Boiler today, and experience their commitment to exceptional service and craftsmanship firsthand.

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