Complete Boiler & Burner Management System

The Autoflame Combustion Management System is designed to optimize the performance of industrial and commercial burner/boilers. Autoflame has partnerships with more than 100 technology centres worldwide.

Burner & Boiler Control

Micro-Modulating system offering comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boilers/burners.

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Mk8 MM

The Mk8 MM Controller is a Micro-Modulating system that offers comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boiler/burners. Ideal for steam and water boilers (watertube or firetube), kilns and steam generators. Designed for oil, natural gas or both fuels.

Boiler Emissions Monitoring & Trim

Displaying two years of CEMS data.

Mk8 EGA Evo

EGA’s (Exhaust Gas Analyser) monitor flue emissions to comply with environmental regulations & to reduce fuel usage & emissions. The EGA EVO can operate as a standalone independent continuous monitor, or it can feed back its readings to an Autoflame MM Boiler Controller, allowing the MM to adjust the fuel/air ratio (trim) of the burner for optimised performance.

Mini Mk8 MM

Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, the Autoflame Mini Mk8 Controller offers cutting edge technology that can significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Remote Monitoring & Control

The DTI stores information from a maximum of ten Autoflame Systems in one location.


The Mk8 DTI (Data Transfer Interface) lets users know in real time how the boilers are performing, either on-site through its built-in touch screen, via a local PC, or remotely via a BMS system. It stores MM and EGA system data for a rolling 2 year period. The DTI is a gateway for communicating with the Autoflame MM Controller and/or EGA range of products.

Flame Safeguard

The included relay module ensures compatibility with all boilers, burners, and control brands in the market.

Flame Safeguard

The Autoflame Flame Safeguard has been designed to be an easy replacement for a standard Flame Safeguard. The device will monitor the flame and control your burner outputs, pre-purge, light off, and release to modulate commands. In addition, you get a reliable, modern design and a customizable interface, along with a wealth of extra safety features.

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