Icon Boiler Case Study: Prisma Baptist


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Prisma Health is a not-for-profit health company and the largest healthcare system in South Carolina. The goal is to improve the health of all South Carolinians by enhancing clinical quality, the patient experience and access to affordable care, as well as conducting clinical research and training the next generation of medical professionals.


Our client was facing recurring costly repairs and maintenance issues with their Durco horizontal end suction boiler feed-water pumps. With eight pumps constituting their feed-water system, maintaining their operations had become a constant challenge. Additionally, the design of these pumps necessitated an expensive laser level alignment to ensure the special coupling fell within the required tolerance range.


Drawing on our extensive experience with the client, our team of sales engineers recognized the customer’s pain points. To address the issues, we collaborated with our partner, GPM Pumps, to design and size a set of DP boiler feed-water pumps and variable frequency drives, aimed at replacing the costly and inefficient Durco pumps.

The design of these DP pumps, which were inline, multi-stage, centrifugal, and vertical, offered numerous advantages to the customer. It included a compact footprint, efficient operation, and simplified maintenance procedures. It is important to note that the installation of these pumps could be completed within minutes, eliminating the need for a specialist laser alignment. Furthermore, these DP pumps were designed with similar flange to flange measurements as the leading competitor, Grundfos, often obviating the need for elaborate piping modifications.

With a comprehensive plan of action in place, our Icon Boiler service team flawlessly executed the project. Within a brief one-week period, they successfully repiped the first deaerator, installed the pumps and drives, and commenced the commissioning process. Shortly after bringing the first deaerator online, they swiftly completed the second deaerator installation.

As a result of our team’s efforts, the customer now enjoys the assurance that these pumps efficiently respond to fluctuations in feed-water demand, consistently operate at their optimal duty points, and, in the event of high temperature seal failure in a few years, readily available replacement parts can be obtained within 1-2 weeks. Moreover, the ease with which the pumps can be rebuilt by any of the customer’s operators provides them with an added level of confidence.


By addressing the costly repairs, maintenance issues, and design constraints of the existing Durco pumps, our solution has significantly improved the operational efficiency and reliability of the feed-water system for our client. The team’s successful implementation of the DP pumps and variable frequency drives has freed up valuable space, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced maintenance complexity, and eliminated the need for costly laser alignment. With these improvements, our client can now focus on their core mission of providing exceptional healthcare services while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and cost-effective feed-water system.


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