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BFS Industries

The Leader in High Performance Boiler Room Equipment

BFS Industries, LLC manufactures a complete line of boiler room auxiliary equipment, including Deaerators in spray, tray, and packed column type; Surge/transfer systems; boiler feed and condensate systems; blowdown systems with heat recovery; flash tanks; packaged pump skids and control panels including PLC based control systems.

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Zer-O-Pac Products

Class “S” Spray/Scrubber Type Deaerators

The spray or spray/scrubber deaerator has a wide product range from 3,500 #/hr to 500,000 #/hr and higher. It is best used for fairly stable loads and constant water inlet temperatures. It is the most economically priced unit in the 7,000 #/hr and higher flow range.

Class “P” Packed Column Type Deaerators

Packed column type deaerators are generally used for very small boiler applications with a product range of 200 #/hr to 11,000 #/hr. This deaerator design is particularly efficient at deaerating very low flow rates. It is the most economically priced unit below 7,000 #/hr flow range.

Feed-Pac Products

Boiler Feed & Condensate Systems, Elevated Receivers

BFS Industries manufactures a full line of standard boiler feed and condensate systems with elevated receivers. These are equipped with heavy gauge carbon steel tanks in standard capacities from 30 gallons to 2000 gallons. 

Class “T” Tray Type Deaerators

The tray or spray/tray deaerator is our most versatile and rugged deaerator unit. It is offered in a range of 3,500 #/hr to 2,000,000 #/hr and higher. This unit can handle severe load swings, varying inlet water temperatures, and changing operating pressures while maintaining deaeration efficiency. It is typically priced higher than the other types of deaerators in a given size range.

Surge Systems

A surge/transfer system is an important component in a steam system when there is a high volume of condensate returns, or the returns come back in “slugs.” A boiler surge tank will allow this condensate to be collected at varying rates and transfer the condensate/make-up mix to the deaerator under steady state conditions. 

“LPR” (Low Profile Round) Boiler Feed Systems

BFS Industries “LPR” Series boiler feed systems provide a high-quality, low-cost solution to your boiler feed requirements. The floor mounted tank design allows for the collection of condensate from low head condensate returns. 

“LPS” (Low Profile Square) Condensate Systems

BFS Industries “LPS” Series condensate systems have been designed to provide the lowest possible return inlet and minimize floor space (they will fit into a corner out of the way), while providing trouble free operation. 

Panel-Pac Products

Magnetic Motor Starters

Panel-Pac Magnetic Motor Starters provide a cost-effective solution for motor control. Motor Starters are typically used on boiler feed and condensate systems.

System Control Centers

Panel-Pac System Control Centers provide a versatile solution for motor control, alarms, and status information. Control Centers are typically used on fuel oil systems and deaerating systems.

Custom Control Panels

Panel-Pac Custom Control Panels provide a totally custom solution for motor control, fuel oil monitoring, data acquisition, and communication with other systems.

Auxiliary Products

Accu-Flow Motorized Ball Valve Assembly

Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems


Class I Insulation System


Blowdown Tanks


Pump Skids


Flash Tanks