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Precision Engineered Boiler Equipment

We offer a range of boiler equipment options that are customized to suit your specific requirements. Our private-labeled equipment line is extensively tested to ensure optimal reliability and safety. Additionally, all our equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Firetube Boilers

Icon Boiler manufactures 2 & 3-pass wetback and dryback Scotch Marine firetube boilers for industrial applications.

Watertube Boilers

Icon Boiler’s multiple pass watertube boilers offer the largest capacity & steam flextube systems for commercial markets.

Vertical Boilers

Ready-to-install packaged systems featuring powerful and efficient burner/boiler combinations.

Firebox Boilers

Icon Boiler’s 3-pass Firebox boilers are designed for maximum efficiency, reliability, and durability for demanding environments.

Condensing Boilers

The Columbus hot-water condensing boiler is one of the most efficient on the market.


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Icon Boiler Case Study: Prisma Baptist

Icon Boiler Case Study: Prisma Baptist

Learn how our solutions resolved costly repairs, maintenance issues, and design constraints for our customer at Prisma Baptist, resulting in improved operational efficiency and reliability of their feed-water system.

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The Importance of Maintaining Daily Boiler Logs

The Importance of Maintaining Daily Boiler Logs

Regularly maintaining daily boiler logs is essential for efficient and safe boiler operation. By closely monitoring fuel, water, and steam consumption, operators can maximize boiler efficiency, identify issues in advance, and improve safety measures.

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