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If you’ve ever faced a situation that involved a loss of steam production, you know how painful that can be. Any habitable spaces are suddenly at the mercy of the weather. More money, customers, and productivity are lost every minute. It’s not a great situation. Fortunately, it’s nothing you have to worry about, because we will help keep you up and running, no matter what. Whether you’re having planned service or maintenance on your existing boiler, or if unforeseen circumstances take your current boiler offline, we’ve got your back.


Boilers need regular service and maintenance, and some of those procedures can’t be done with the boiler running. Repairs also often require a shutdown. But with the proper planning, you won’t have to endure any interruption of service. If you know you’re going to have to take your boiler offline, contact Icon Boiler’s rental department and we’ll make sure you have the right steam capacity ready to go when the time comes, so at the worst, you’ll only lose a little steam production when the switch is made to the rental boiler. We even have a rental contingency plan available to help you prepare for your rental, including a detailed checklist of what you’ll need to do. We also have experienced professionals who will help you select your size and type of rental equipment.



Bad things happen. Sometimes the weather hits you with a sucker punch. Sometimes equipment fails. Natural disasters can strike any time. If you end up getting your boiler knocked offline unexpectedly, we are here to help. We have professionals standing by 24/7 to get the right emergency boiler prepped for launch and on its way to you. Depending on where you’re located, we can have an emergency boiler on-site in a matter of hours. For extremely isolated or remote locations, we even have complete, self-contained boilers built into standard Conex shipping containers that easily travel by truck or ship, to anywhere that has standard cargo logistics capabilities.



From the smallest needs to the biggest, we have the rental equipment to provide however much steam it takes to keep you up and running. We provide emergency boilers for a wide range of industrial applications including factories, oil and gas drilling and refining, and automotive manufacturing. We also have rental boilers for a range of commercial needs including warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and universities. We even supply rental hot water boilers that are ideal for any place that needs clean, hot water including outdoor events, festivals, retirement homes, apartments, hotels, detention faciltiies, and even disaster areas that need hot water for laundry, cooking, and cleaning.



In most cases, WARE’s rental boilers are ready to hook up the moment they arrive. Every mobile boiler room we send out includes everything needed for safe, efficient operation:

  • Main steam stop valves
  • Safety relief valves
  • Exhaust stub stack
  • Bolt and gasket kits
  • Safety and monitoring equipment
  • Self-contained operator work area and monitoring station

A range of additional equipment is also available depending on your specific application, including:

  • Water softeners
  • Feedwater systems
  • Backup feedwater pumps
  • Blowdown separators
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Economizers
  • De-superheaters
  • Selective catalytic convertors
  • Heat exchangers

Furthermore, you can customize your rental boiler with a selection of optional accessories that can further optimize your boiler for the application, including:

  • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Low Pressure Safety Relief Valves
  • Booster Pumps
  • Gas Flowmeters
  • CO Monitors
  • Remote Monitoring Systems

We have the people to go with the equipment, too. We offer pre-installation consultation from seasoned boiler professionals who know what to ask and what to look for. Our technicians will help get the boiler set up, inspected, and fired up, so you can enjoy turnkey operation. 

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