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Icon Boiler is proud to announce the completion of its Summer Internship Program, which recently welcomed two students – Jeremy and Malachi from Williamson College of the Trades in Media Pennsylvania. They traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina for an 8-week internship program, working with field experts on commercial boiler projects across North and South Carolina.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is presently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Specialized Technology with a major in Construction Technology at the Williamson College of the Trades. Notably, he is keenly interested in electrical work and is focusing his academic pursuits in that direction. Jeremy enjoyed the hands-on experience and the practical knowledge he gained through his internship at Icon Boiler.

Meet Malachi

Malachi is also a current undergraduate of Williamson College of the Trades, where he is earning his Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology with a focus on Power Plant Technology. Malachi has been eager to apply his skills and learn from the experts at Icon Boiler. Malachi has a natural talent for problem-solving and is looking forward to expanding his knowledge and experience with cutting-edge boiler technology.

What They Are Doing

Jeremy and Malachi have been working alongside our experienced team of commercial boiler technicians, learning the ins and outs of boiler installation and maintenance. Their responsibilities included assisting in the installation, repair, and maintenance of different types of commercial boilers. They also supported routine maintenance tasks like cleaning boilers, replacing parts, and monitoring pressure and temperature gauges. Jeremy and Malachi are gaining valuable insights into the complex systems that keep commercial buildings warm and comfortable.

The Importance of Internship Programs

At Icon Boiler, we believe that our interns play a crucial role in our operations. Summer internships offer hands-on experience to talented young professionals, and they are a great way to identify new talent and bring fresh perspectives to our organization. Our 8-week summer internship program prioritizes practical experience, giving our interns the tools they need to succeed and advance in their careers.

We are proud to have had Jeremy and Malachi at Icon Boiler, and we’re excited to see how they grow and develop throughout their careers. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the commercial boiler industry are a testament to the future of our industry. We hope our internship program can inspire future generations of commercial boiler technicians to pursue their dreams and help us build a world where commercial buildings are efficient, sustainable, and comfortable.