Brady Boiler Services is Now Icon Boiler

Introducing Icon Boiler: Formerly Brady Boiler Services

Brady Boiler Services, a leading heating business, has recently rebranded itself as Icon Boiler. Despite the name change, customers can still expect the same high-quality equipment and service expertise that the company has been providing since 2005. However, the new brand allows Icon Boiler to offer an expanded portfolio of equipment and solutions to its esteemed customers.

Icon Boiler has earned a reputation as the leading provider of boiler equipment and services in the Southeast. They sell, service, repair, and maintain boilers for mission-critical customers. Its customers can attest that Icon Boiler is synonymous with responsive, reliable, efficient, and safety-focused service and expertise. The company operates in various areas throughout the Southeastern United States.

Moreover, Icon Boiler has recently partnered with Superior Boiler to create a specialized equipment product line. This Icon Boiler line comprises firetube boilers, watertube boilers, condensing boilers, and ancillary boiler room products. Customers can also expect the same product quality, service, and expertise from the same technicians and support teams.

Icon Boiler’s rebranding expanded its market reach, offering more chances to provide advanced boiler solutions and equipment. This has solidified its position as a leading provider of heating solutions in the Southeast.

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