Three Ways to Improve Your Warehouse With Rental Solutions

1. Enterprise Planning

Rental solutions can serve as pilot test cases to demonstrate the value of longer-term heating, ventilation, and cooling system investments so that you can ensure line-item inclusion in upcoming capital expense budgets. The impact of these temporary solutions can provide you with a business case that demonstrates the ROI a controlled indoor warehouse environment can provide in future years

2. Employee Comfort

Both during the hottest and coldest times of the year, rental solutions can help maintain temperature and humidity levels to meet employee comfort needs. Providing a comfortable work environment makes good business sense, especially given the importance of employee retention and the current labor shortage4. A comfortable environment also helps keep employees safe. A UCLA study published in 20215 found that hot weather significantly increases the risk of accidents and injuries on the job.

Similarly, research has shown that cold stress impacts worker performance in low-temperature environments6, 7.

3. Quality Control

Effectively controlling temperature and humidity levels in warehouses is vital to creating the right storage conditions for many warehouse products. Most warehoused goods, including electronics, paper, and perishables need to be stored in controlled ambient conditions. Pharmaceuticals must be closely monitored if stored in a warehouse. Temperature and humidity variations may even render medicines ineffective or potentially unsafe.

Icon Boiler Can Help

Icon Boiler can provide you with a tailored solution to match your warehouse needs – and a contingency plan to help make sure rental solutions are ready when you need them. Our engineers work with your operations team to conduct an in-depth assessment of your environmental control needs. They carefully select the right solutions to meet your temperature and humidity control needs and deliver and install the rental units to integrate seamlessly into your warehouse operation.

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