Making sure your commercial boilers receive preventive maintenance is a wise decision. It not only saves you money in the long run by optimizing the efficiency of your boiler, but also extends its lifespan. Regular maintenance can also improve the safety of your workplace and significantly reduce the likelihood of emergency situations.

To ensure that your boiler stays in good working condition, it’s important to know what actions you need to take and what tasks should be arranged with your Icon technician. Refer to the maintenance checklist below for vital information on what you can do to maintain your boiler. These simple tasks include routine checks, which help detect and address issues promptly. Remember, if you encounter any problems during your routine maintenance checks, don’t hesitate to contact Icon Boiler for professional assistance to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.

Routine Inspections

Completed by the on-site facilities operator

  • Check boiler equipment, components, and piping for water, leaks, obstruction, or unusual vibrations or noises.


  • Inspect venting systems to ensure they are not blocked by debris, ice, or snow.


  • Inspect the boiler’s sight port and examine the flame for any evidence of damages or possible soot.


  • Review exhaust temperature, boiler temperature, and boiler pressure to make sure all readings are within the desired range.


  • Check the display panel for error or service codes.


Scheduled Maintenance

Completed by Icon Boiler service technician

  • Test low water cutoff and exercise pressure relief valve.


  • Blowdown, test low water cutoff and feed control(s).


  • Check for water, steam, and fuel leaks.


  • Check settings and test operating and limit control.


  • Blow down water level sight glass and confirm the water level.


  • Visually inspect the condition of safety relief valves for tampering and leakage.


Seasonal Startup

Completed by Icon Boiler service technician

  • Review the manufacturer’s recommendations for the boiler and burner startup.


  • Check auxiliary equipment operation.


  • Inspect burner boiler and controls prior to startup.


  • Start burner. Check operating controls. Test safety controls and pressure relief valve.


  • Perform combustion tests and adjust the burner for maximum efficiency.


  • Visually inspect the condition of safety relief valves for tampering and leakage.


Annual Maintenance

Completed by Icon Boiler service technician

  • Secure and drain boiler annually.


  • Open fireside and waterside for cleaning and inspection. 


  • Inspect gauge glass and replace if necessary. 


  • Clean fuel nozzles or gas burner tubes. 


  • Clean combustion blower fan wheel and air dampers. 


  • Clean and adjust ignition electrodes. 


  • Inspect, lubricate, and tighten all linkage/jackshaft components.


  • Visually inspect the condition of safety relief valves for tampering and leakage.


  • Combustion testing.


  • Check operation and calibration of operating controls and safety devices.



If you would like to create a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial boiler, Icon Boiler is here for you.

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